DJI Phantom 3 Professional + Extra Battery + Hardshell Backpack

Price : AED4,500
Availability: Out of stock

Product Highlights:

  • Gimbal Stabilized 4K Camera
  • Camera Takes 12MP Still Photos
  • 720p HD App-Based Monitoring
  • Gimbal Control Dials on Transmitter
  • GPS for Enhanced Stability and Failsafes
  • Auto-Takeoff / Auto Return Home
  • Vision Sensor for Indoor Flight
  • Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time
  • Intelligent LiPo Flight Battery
  • Mobile Device Holder Included


The New Perspective - DJI Phantom 3 Professional GPS Drone (V2)

You are looking at the Third Generation of the famous Phantom Series, the latest Phantom 3 - the Smallest Portable Aerial Filming Platform ever invented. The Phantom 3 has Two different versions, the Professional and the Advanced edition, the Professional edition has a 4K Camera and the Advanced edition has a 1080P HD Camera, depends on your needs. The Phantom 3 Professional is a All-in-One Flying Camera, you just need to clamp a Smart Phone or Tablet onto the RC transmitter and you'll get real time video feeds from the drone, you have nothing need to worry about or setup anything, fully Plug-and-Play, it's not a product made for hobby guys or professional guys, it's a easy to use Flying Camera for everyone, even for the first time flyer. The drone itself has a super smart Main Controller which collects data from the entire system, including motor speed, GPS location, 6-Axis Gyro data, your command inputs, and data from automatic sensors, and analyzes it all to tell your Phantom 3 exactly how to behave at any given moment, giving you the smoothest and most stable flying experience. The upgraded Fail-Safe feature will bring the drone back home when low-battery, this is especially good for beginners.

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