Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I visit the free sample calendar it still says "Check back soon for today's free sample"- Why is that?

If you are seeing the "Check back soon" message it is because we either have not yet posted today's sample find or your Internet browser has saved that image on your computer. Browsers often do this to increase their speed and efficiency for websites you visit often. We post a daily free sample find every morning between 9 and 10 AM. If you still see the "Check back" message at that time, try refreshing your Internet browser or close your browser completely then reopen it again.

2. I don't have a Facebook account and cannot accept Facebook offers. Why do I have to "Like" a company on Facebook to get the sample?

We strive to find the best free sample offers from around the Web every day and sometimes those samples are found on Facebook. We in no way want to alienate our readers who choose not to use Facebook, but many companies and brands use Facebook as a means of communicating with their audience and to distribute their free samples.